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Swiss Diamond Hotel Olivella

 Vico Morcote гостиницы

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Vico Morcote гостиницы
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Vico Morcote гостиницы
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Swiss Diamond Hotel Olivella
Vico Morcote, Lugano - 6921 Vico Morcote (TI)

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Vico Morcote гостиницы

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Vico Morcote гостиницы  

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Vico Morcote гостиницы  


Swiss Diamond Hotel Olivella, recently renovated and located seven kilometers from the Lugano city centre, is glad to welcome you to Vico Morcote, a charming village on the lake of Lugano, a happy oasis where time seems to have come to a standstill. Nothing is left to chance in this luxurious private hotel - everything has been studied to the last detail to offer the clientele a personalized service. The elegant materials and refined furnishings, combined with a faultless service, will take you by surprise when you cross the hotel’s threshold – unusually grand crystal chandeliers stand out against majestic marble floors. Columns in Sicilian travertine marble and elegant wood panelling then give the environment exceptionally spectacular depth and refinement. The reception desk, which is usually placed at the entrance, is out-of-the-way with respect to the main hall, in order to immediately offer clients comfort and absolute privacy. The hotel boasts three restaurants and a cosy bar-brasserie Orient where one can enjoy a snack in a special environment, with piano music in the background. The restaurant Des Artistes, richly furnished with paintings and sculptures by the famous Albanian artist Ibrahim Kodra, can also be used as a soundproof conference hall, which can be adapted to hold up to 150 people, according to the client’s requirements. Located in an enviable spot on the hotel’s sixth floor and furnished with only nine tables, Ristorante Panorama directly overlooks the lake of Lugano, with a view of the picturesque town of Brusino Arsizio. It offers an extremely refined service typical of times gone by, with really unique distinction. A mineral water list and 15 types of herbal teas are only some of the refinements placed at the disposal of clients. Finally our Ristorante Lago situated directly on the lake. A romantic scenery with a delicious mediterranean cuisine. The cuisine, a distinguishing feature of all three restaurants, is creative, refined and deliciously light, mainly based on healthy dishes and fresh products (wholefood whenever possible). The Chef Egidio Iadonisi surprise you with his delicate dishes flavoured with oriental spices. A good selection of wines from Italy, France and Ticino will blend perfectly with your meal. Suites and junior suites in pastel shades are all comfortable and elegant. They are furnished with safe, hair-dryer, satellite TV, cable TV, a 12-channel pay-TV, 4 telephones and an Internet connection, electric plugs for all countries, air-conditioning and heating. The Wellness area is no doubt the hotel’s greatest pride! The Venus Wellness Center, richly adorned with mosaics and marble to recall ancient Roman spas and surrounded by beautifully coloured wicker sofas and expertly painted columns, offers clients a cosy bar and many ways of spending a restful moment: swimming-pool with upstream swimming, “waterfall shower” to treat back pain, sauna, hammam, Turkish steam bath, a tropical shower with hot water nebulizer and special lighting effects, fitness area, solarium (traditional and anti-claustrophobic design), Jacuzzi, massage services, hot stone peeling, brushing massage and hairdresser. We suggest you our Diamond Medical Aesthetical Center, where we use only natural methods of care that will be proposed by our skilled therapists, treatment and non-invasive sweet. Our treatment programs are customized and help you maintain good health and are voted to reduce the inconvenience of age (anti-aging), due to stress and for a lasting beauty with natural products. A subway embellished with frescoes depicting views of the lake leads directly from the Wellness area to the large terrace, which overlooks the lake, with a 150 swimming-pool and moorings for boats. Swiss Diamond Hotel Olivella awaits you in Vico Morcote for a holiday or a business weekend in an unforgettable atmosphere.

Vico Morcote гостиницы - Swiss Diamond Hotel Olivella
цена двухместного номера (CHF)

 Euro Euro   US - Dollar USD

  От к FB HB BB B
Standard Double Room with mountain view 01-05-10 31-10-10     235.00  
Standard Double Room with mountain view 01-11-10 31-12-10     180.00  
Double Deluxe with lake view 01-05-10 31-10-10     325.00  
Double Deluxe with lake view 01-11-10 31-12-10     225.00  

Vico Morcote гостиницы - Swiss Diamond Hotel Olivella
Цена одноместного номера (CHF)  

  От к FB HB BB B
Standard Single room 01-05-10 31-10-10     290.00  
Standard Single room 01-11-10 31-12-10     220.00  
Double Deluxe single use lake view 01-05-10 31-10-10     380.00  
Double Deluxe single use lake view 01-11-10 31-12-10     280.00  
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Dog 40.00
Supplement bed 95.00
Half board 80.00

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