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Piazza Ascona Hotel & Restaurants

 Ascona гостиницы

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 гостиницы in Ascona Ticino
Ascona гостиницы
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Ascona гостиницы
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Piazza Ascona Hotel & Restaurants
Piazza Giuseppe Motta 29 - 6612 Ascona (TI)

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tel Tel. +41(0)917911181
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Ascona гостиницы

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Ascona гостиницы  

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Ascona гостиницы  


The Piazza Ascona, Hotel & Restaurants, open all year round, is directly situated in the heart of charming Ascona’s lake front. The Hotel, with a long tradition and in typical Ticino style, is composed of several houses, the Hotels Piazza and Faro, which overlooks the Lake Maggiore and “Casa Olive” house only 30 meters away in the historic and romantic village of Ascona. An ideal place for a stay in Ticino, the hotel welcomes guests in rooms with stunning views over the lake and the mountains or the small streets of the ancient and picturesque old town. Thanks to its privileged location it is an excellent starting point for excursions by boat or to explore the characteristics valleys and attractions of Ticino. The offer to the local and international clientele is completed by the restaurants, "al Pontile", "al Piazza" and "Al Faro". With magnificent terraces and situated directly on the waterfront, the restaurants suit all tastes.

Ascona гостиницы - Piazza Ascona Hotel & Restaurants
цена двухместного номера (CHF)

 Euro Euro   US - Dollar USD

  От к FB HB BB B
High 01-08-12 18-08-12     230  
Relax 19-08-12 27-09-12     206  
High 28-09-12 20-10-12     230  
Low 21-10-12 27-12-12     150  
New Year 28-12-12 01-01-13     180  
Low 02-01-13 14-03-13     150  

Ascona гостиницы - Piazza Ascona Hotel & Restaurants
Цена одноместного номера (CHF)  

  От к FB HB BB B
High 01-08-12 18-08-12     120  
Relax 19-08-12 27-09-12     110  
High 28-09-12 20-10-12     120  
Low 21-10-12 27-12-12     80  
New Year 28-12-12 01-01-13     90  
Low 02-01-13 14-03-13     80  
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Parking card Migros 14.00
Extra bed adult 50.00
Suppl.: from 0 to 5 years: 100%

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