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Foro Appio Mansio Hotel
Via Appia 5 - 04100 Latina (LT)

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tel Tel. +390773877434
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Latina Hotels  

Hotel: open all year round
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Latina Hotels  


Its origin is tied up to the history of the Via Appia, "Regina Viarum", opened in 312 a.C. by the censor Appio Claudio to connect Rome to Capua. Born as a Forum, in the Roman meaning of village with social and administrative functions, with the coming of the latifundium damaging small ownership, it turns into a very important Mansio (main station with the possibility of lodging and service to travellers) thanks to its strategic position, as it is only two days' walk from Rome. Foro Appio was in the past a witness and participant to the passage of great figures of history. The poet Orazio, in the V Satira, quotes Foro Appio describing the atmosphere of aggregation that he felt in the moments of stop and rest of the wayfarers that crossed the lowland pontina then still a marshland. The Sacred Writings remind us of the meeting of S.Paolo with the Christian communities, which actually happened in Foro Appio (Act.Ap.XXXVIII). The magic of the place is subsequently realized by Valadier, great architect and urbanist of Pope Braschi (Pious VI), who widens the original building complex realizing the present building of three floors with crosses, mouldings and string courses of great workmanship. Centuries of history, of dramatic stories and of temporary rebirths, accompany Foro Appio up to our days, giving us a modern chapter of ancient history

Latina Hotels - Foro Appio Mansio Hotel
Price list per person in double room (Euro)

 CHF CHF   US - Dollar USD

  From To FB HB BB B
Suite (M)         75,00  
Suite Superior (M) 26-08-04 31-12-04     90,00  
Junior Suite (M) 26-06-04 31-12-04     60,00  
Francese ( S)         95,00  

Latina Hotels - Foro Appio Mansio Hotel
Price list per person in single room (Euro)  

  From To FB HB BB B
Francese         95,00  
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